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Step-By-Step Procurement Training That Leads To Big Results

Are you a procurement professional who wants to:

  • Learn the procurement best practices that others successfully use?
  • Develop better procurement skills for improved job performance?
  • Achieve the personal and professional career goals that you desire?

There is good news! Learning the necessary best practices and developing the skills required for today's world-class procurement professionals doesn't have be overwhelming, tedious, or boring. You can quickly and easily master the essential procurement skills you need and, as a result, start getting the rewards out of your career that you really want!

So what is the secret to a becoming a world-class procurement professional? It is the SPSM® Certification, earned by completing the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program. Individuals who have earned the SPSM® Certification have reported that they are having an easier time finding great jobs, getting excellent performance evaluations, and getting large pay increases. And, with the convenience of the online learning structure of the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program, you can quickly and easily be on your way to achieving these kind of results, too!

Purchasing Association "I have learned so much! I have gained so much confidence in my abilities as a purchasing manager. It has benefitted me in my job, as well as in my personal dealings. I feel I have earned more respect from my co-workers, suppliers and senior management."

Catherine Shaw, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3
Purchasing Manager
Los Angeles, California, USA

Since 2000, procurement professionals from over 160 countries have enrolled in the Next Level Purchasing Association's online procurement training. By pursuing your SPSM®or signing up for our online procurement courses, you will get the same career-building training that has helped thousands of the world's best and brightest procurement professionals, many of whom are from Fortune 100 companies.

If you are serious about improving your skills and advancing your career, sign up for a FREE Basic Membership in the Next Level Purchasing Association and get a free Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit.

Free Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit

This Starter Kit gives procurement professionals like you a clear idea on what it will take to become certified. You'll get an excellent feel for what you will need to learn and how long it will take.

Included in your free Starter Kit:

  • Access to two lessons from courses that are part of the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program (these actually fulfill part of the requirements for you to become SPSM-Certified!)
  • A Certification & Training Planning Template
  • Case studies
  • A free Basic Membership in the NLPA

Together, these materials will help you decide how well the SPSM® Certification can help you achieve your career goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your pursuit of a more rewarding procurement career – get your Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit now by signing up for a free NLPA Basic Membership!

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