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Edition # Article Title
349 Reasons Realized Savings Falls Short, Part I
348 Why To Hate Fact-Based Negotiation, Part II
347 Why To Hate Fact-Based Negotiation, Part I
346 How Procurement Can Be Sabotaged By A/P
345 Direct Procurement: Different Types Defined
344 10 Strategic Procurement Ideas
343 Tips For Advancing Your Procurement Career
342 The Best of PurchTips 2015
341 Procurement Cost Reductions Maxed Out?
340 Negotiating Too Hard: Why Suppliers Bail
339 5 Steps To Solving Supplier Problems
338 3 Procurement Talent Management Steps
337 How To Manage Service Procurement Risk
336 Renegotiating: 6 Reasons To Do It
335 How To Accelerate A Contract Negotiation
334 3 Different Cost Savings Definitions
333 8 Proactive Procurement Questions
332 How To "Sell" Procurement To Stakeholders
331 Why "Last Price Paid" Is A Dangerous Metric
330 Supplier Contracts: To End Or Extend?
329 A 12-Point Supply Market Analysis Checklist
328 4 Vendor Relationship Management Activities
327 Your Strategic Sourcing Communication Plan
326 8 Bad Negotiation Assumptions
325 An Analysis of Cost Savings Claims
324 3 Risky Negotiation Approaches
323 Big Supply Chains, Big Social Responsibility
322 How Purchasing Can Leverage Sales Tactics
321 Putting Procurement Performance In Context
320 What Is Best Value Procurement?
319 2 Procurement Uses of Net Promoter Score
318 The Best of PurchTips 2014
317 A Buyer's 11-Point Contract Review Checklist
316 Price vs. Total Cost vs. Value
315 Why iPhone Cost Savings Matter Less
314 The Procurement Relationships You Need
313 A 12-Point Supplier Responsibility Checklist
312 Procurement Trends Today, Goals Tomorrow
311 7 Steps For Negotiating Optional Procurements
310 5 Types of Procurement Expertise
309 How To Increase Procurement's Credibility
308 Smart Negotiation For Small Purchases
307 Negotiating Your Spot Buys
306 10 Types of Procurement Software, Part II
305 10 Types of Procurement Software, Part I
304 Avoiding Procurement Savings Disputes
303 How To Create Procurement Reports, Part II
302 How To Create Procurement Reports, Part I
301 Tricky Cost Savings Calculations
300 In Negotiations, Small Talk Can Be Huge
299 When A Supplier Should Sign Your NDA
298 What Suppliers Fear When Negotiating
297 Is Your Procurement Job At Risk?
296 How To Improve Procurement Compliance
295 Creative Negotiation With Sole Source Vendors
294 How To Use The ''4C'' Negotiation Strategies
293 The Best of PurchTips 2013
292 Supplier Stratification & The Dominick Matrix
291 Supplier Collaboration, Development, More
290 Procurement & Cultural Trends/Movements
289 Make Sourcing Your Competitive Advantage
288 13 Tips For Big Purchasing Meetings, Part III
287 Global Sourcing: What Is Changing?
286 13 Tips For Big Purchasing Meetings, Part II
285 Persuasion Tips For Supplier Negotiations
284 13 Tips For Big Purchasing Meetings, Part I
283 The 25 New Rights of Purchasing, Part V
282 RFP Requirements for Strategic Purchases
281 The 25 New Rights of Purchasing, Part IV
280 3 Truly Effective Supplier Interview Questions
279 The 25 New Rights of Purchasing, Part III
278 The Art of the Procurement Negotiation Offer
277 The 25 New Rights of Purchasing, Part II
276 Getting & Using Information In A Negotiation
275 The 25 New Rights of Purchasing, Part I
274 Single Source Situations Shouldn't Stink
273 How To Renegotiate A Supplier Contract
272 Maverick Buying: 6 Steps For Stopping It
271 Managing IT & Complex Category Purchasing
270 True Procurement Transformations, Part II
269 The Best of PurchTips 2012
268 True Procurement Transformations, Part I
267 Surprise Supplier Audits: Pros, Cons, Ideas
266 Sourcing Negotiations & Political Debates
265 "Outbuying" Your Internal Customers, Part II
264 "Outbuying" Your Internal Customers, Part I
263 How Supplier Pricing Is Determined
262 Procurement Interviews: Questions & Stories
261 How Suppliers Defend Price In Negotiations
260 4 Essential Vendor Collaboration Questions
259 A 12-Point Supplier Quality Checklist
258 A Key To Bargaining With Suppliers
257 How To Win The Negotiation ''Game''
256 4 Collaborative Procurement Models
255 4 Vital Procurement Presentation Topics
254 7 RFP Planning Tips, Part II
253 How Procurement Pros Should Use LinkedIn
252 7 RFP Planning Tips, Part I
251 Procurement Strategy Do's & Don'ts, Part II
250 3 Negotiation ''Bad Words''
249 Procurement Strategy Do's & Don'ts, Part I
248 Ethics & Supplier Ideas
247 Remedies For Supplier Screw-ups, Part II
246 The Best of PurchTips 2011
245 Remedies For Supplier Screw-ups, Part I
244 How To Develop Buyers' Leadership Skills
243 4 Words Your Supply Chain Resume Needs
242 Are Advanced Sourcing Tools For You?
241 How To Negotiate When "Time Is Money"
240 Is Your Procurement Resume All Wrong?
239 How To Spot A Poorly Managed Supplier
238 Defeating A Supplier's Negotiating Strategy
237 The Complete Supplier Management Strategy
236 What eSourcing Is & How To Get Started
235 A 19-Point Supply Risk Checklist
234 Supplier Scorecarding: Just The Beginning
233 A 13-Point Procurement Ethics Checklist
232 Here Is Your End-of-Negotiation Strategy
231 "Impossible" Supplier Management Metrics?
230 Priorities In Supply Chain Leadership
229 Supplier Management: Make It Strategic
228 The 4 Missing Strategic Sourcing Goals
227 Join A Negotiation With Caution
226 Supplier Insurance Best Practices, Part II
225 How To Justify Early Purchasing Involvement
224 Use Negotiation Skills To Elevate Purchasing
223 Supplier Insurance Best Practices, Part I
222 Can Supplier Consolidation Truly Save Cash?
221 Using A Should Cost Model In Negotiation
220 The Best of PurchTips 2010
219 Using Collaboration In Negotation: 3 Steps
218 Tips For Negotiating With A Sole Source
217 T & E Management: Procurement's Domain?
216 More Sole Source Procurement Solutions
215 4 Questions To Ask Vendors' References
214 How Procurement & Finance Can Collaborate
213 Negotiation Techniques With A Shelf Life
212 Calculating The Cost of a Stockout
211 5 Components of Ethical Procurement
210 Bad Negotiation Habits: Break Them Today!
209 8 Supplier Selection Criteria & The SHoCC
208 The 4 Worst Procurement Myths
207 Today's Biggest Supply Chain Threat?
206 Do You Make These Purchasing Mistakes?
205 A 20-Point Proposal Evaluation Checklist
204 A 21-Point Negotiation Checklist
203 Commodity Price Forecasting, Part I
202 How To Increase The Scope of Purchasing
201 Procurement Ethics: Use DRD & Stay Clean
200 Measuring Cost Savings For Mid-Year Deals
199 Sourcing Problems In A Slow Economy
198 Revisiting Vendor Payment Terms: It's Time!
197 Purchasing Ethics: 7 Sensitive Situations
196 How To Use Cost Savings Ratios & When
195 Sourcing Decisions: How To Support Them
194 Negotiating on Behalf of Your Suppliers
193 Rule #1 of Tactical Procurement
192 Sole Source Situations: Eradicate Them!
191 Ethical Negotiation With Multiple Suppliers
190 Purchasing Managers' Worst KPI Mistakes
189 How To Be A Better Purchasing Professional
188 Savings Estimates: Your Reputation At Risk
187 Negotiation Brinkmanship Do's & Don't's
186 Defending A Procurement Business Case
185 Buyers: Know Your Inventory Turnover Ratio!
184 How Expensive Suppliers Negotiate, Part II
183 How Expensive Suppliers Negotiate, Part I
182 Negotiating Rebates: Best Practices
181 10 Procurement KPI's, Part II
180 10 Procurement KPI's, Part I
179 NIP Poor RFP Response In The Bud
178 Are You Chief Procurement Officer Material?
177 The Superior Negotiation Advantage
176 Supply Disruptions Don't Have To Be Fatal
175 Negotiating After "No"
174 How To Influence A Negotiation Early, Part II
173 How To Influence A Negotiation Early, Part I
172 Procurement ROI & Other Executive Terms
171 How Purchasing Wins Favor In The C-Suite
170 How Purchasing Should Work With A/P
169 The Wrong Cost Savings Goal
168 Negotiating After Backdoor Selling
167 Cost Reduction Ideas (Beyond Sourcing)
166 Supplier Partnerships: Your End of the Deal
165 10 Step Procurement Transformation, Part II
164 Procurement Technology Success Secrets
163 Assess Supplier Financial Risk Now!
162 Commodities Prices: Managing The Insanity
161 10 Step Procurement Transformation, Part I
160 4 Rules For Negotiating By Phone
159 Does Cost Containment Have 2 C's Or 4?
158 Negotiating Successfully In Inflationary Times
157 Global Strategic Sourcing Tools
156 Green Procurement: Let's Get Started!
155 Cost Savings: From Potential To Actual
154 Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part II
153 Buyer Performance Measurement Mistakes
152 Skillfully Managing Supplier Relationships
151 Good Negotiation Tactics That Can Backfire
150 Supplier Quality Audit Basics
149 The Vendor Performance Myth
148 The Target Pricing Controversy
147 Purchasing Resume Perfection
146 Buyers Ask: What Is Market Intelligence?
145 The Purchasing Manifesto
144 Calculating Cost Savings In Multiple Years
143 Top 10 Purchasing Changes In 10 Years
142 Negotiation Psychology That Suppliers Use
141 Doing Better Business With Small Suppliers
140 Adjust Your Negotiation Approach
139 Are Big Suppliers A Big Supply Risk?
138 Your Requisition Template Isn't Enough
137 A Negotiating Technique With A New Name
136 Purchasing, Social Responsibility, & Animals
135 4 Supplier Relationship Management Tactics
134 Dual Source vs. Single Source
133 Negotiating The Ultimate Contract
132 2007's Purchasing Buzzwords
131 Supply Chain Optimization Simplified
130 6 Early Supplier Involvement Tips
129 7 Supplier Diversity Challenges, Part II
128 How A Skilled Negotiator Prepares
127 Cost Savings Reports: Why Some Are Weak
126 Spend Analysis: Whatcha Looking For?
125 Your Purchasing Salary: Is It Fair?
124 Procurement Card Pros & Cons
123 Inventory Purchasing Terms You Must Know
122 What Your Negotiation Power Depends On
121 7 Supplier Diversity Challenges, Part I
120 A Global Sourcing Strategy: What's Different?
119 Should Purchasing Manage The Warehouse?
118 Cost Savings: Tips For Recording Them
117 How To Negotiate Price Increases
116 Purchasing & Inventory Management Hook Up!
115 What Is Supply Chain Management, Anyway?
114 Accountability In Purchasing Processes
113 Office Supplies Sourcing Secrets
112 Negotiating Tactics You Can Use Today
111 Is Contract Management A Critical Process?
110 Cost Savings Reporting: Dot The I's!
109 Demystifying Group Purchasing Organizations
108 Tactical vs Strategic Purchasing
107 Supply Chain Technology: What's Next?
106 Suppliers' Secrets For Negotiating With Purchasing
105 The Strategic Sourcing Plan of Attack
104 The Purchasing Agent's 10 Commandments
103 Purchasing Services: The Pitfalls, Part I
102 Cost Savings Ideas: EDMC Case Study
101 What Management Wants From Purchasing
100 The Next Purchasing Crisis & Contingency Plans
99 Negotiation Questions That Surprise Buyers
98 Supplier Scorecard Price Comparison Formula
97 Trend Alert: The Supplier Code of Conduct
96 Negotiating a Time and Materials Contract
95 Starting A Supplier Diversity Program
94 10 Signs of a Modern Purchasing Department
93 Vendor Negotiations: Timing Is Everything
92 Supply Base Rationalization: Not 1, But 5 Options
91 Supply Chain Developments To Watch In 2006
90 The 3-Way Match, eProcurement, & Pain
89 The Procurement Project Management Plan
88 The Make Or Buy Procurement Decision
87 Is Your Force Majeure Clause Too Weak?
86 A New Safety Stock Calculation
85 Procurement Risk Analysis
84 Women In Purchasing & Supply Chain
83 Negotiating With Suppliers Over Policies
82 Contract Templates: False Sense Of Security?
81 RFP Templates & Social Responsibility
80 The 21st Century Procurement Department
79 Strategic Sourcing & Stakeholder Resistance
78 Spend Management Technology Trends
77 Email Guidelines For Purchasing Professonals
76 Supplier Size: It Matters
75 6 Ways Purchasers Get More Respect
74 Will This Purchasing Trend Take Your Job?
73 Purchaser's Lesson In RSS Technology
72 Negotiation, Ethics, & You
71 What Salespeople Learn To Say To You
70 How To Create A Suppliers' Guide
69 Creative Ideas For Purchasing Leaders
68 Government Vs. Private Sector Purchasing
67 Charles' 2005 Purchasing Predictions
66 Procurement & World-Class Quality, Part II
65 Procurement & World-Class Quality, Part I
64 A Cool Excel Exercise For Purchasers
63 When To Lease Instead of Buying
62 eSourcing & Supplier Relationships, Part II
61 eSourcing & Supplier Relationships, Part I
60 eProcurement & Retail Type Items
59 3 Ways To Trim Costs In The Supply Chain
58 Critical Ingredients For A Good RFP
57 Cultural Aspects of International Sourcing
56 Identifying Supplier Alliance Candidates
55 2004's Supply Management Buzzwords
54 How Careless Purchasers Lose Credibility
53 An Easy Time-Saving Tip For RFP's
52 Competing For Downsized Purchasing Jobs
51 Service vs. Manufacturing Industry Purchasing
50 4 Purchasing Profit Center Models
49 The Lean Concept In Supply Management
48 11 Signs of Ethical Competitive Bidding
47 Sharing Purchasing's Bottom Line Value
46 Is It All About Price, II
45 Is It All About Price, I
44 A Key To Good Purchase Recommendations
43 Avoiding Global Outsourcing's Dangers
42 Guide To International Negotiation Planning
41 Negotiation's Newest Purpose
40 Charles' 2004 Purchasing Predictions
39 Autopsies of Dead Supplier Relationships
38 How To Debrief Unsuccessful Bidders
37 Purchasing & Public Relations Nightmares
36 Ensuring Long-Term Supplier Service
35 Purchaser's Introduction To Six Sigma
34 How To Improve Your Time Management
33 Achieving Savings In Non-Traditional Ways
32 Service Principles For Purchasing, Part II
31 Service Principles For Purchasing, Part I
30 Interview With Former ISM President Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M.
29 Keeping The Risk On Suppliers
28 The Purchaser's Worst Excuse...And A Strategy That Ensures You'll Never Make It Again
27 More Purchasing Project Tips
26 Power Negotiation Made Easy
25 Interpersonal Skills For Win-Win Negotiation
24 What Separates A World-Class Purchasing Professional From The Average Buyer?
23 Purchasing Goals: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
22 Purchasing Best Practices Definitions
21 Purchasing Best Practice # 3: Managing Supplier Performance
20 When Suppliers Request Concessions...Use These 3 Techniques To Avoid Giving Up Too Much
19 5 Negotiation Improvement Strategies What You Can Do To Sharpen The Most Sought After Purchasing Skill
18 Interpersonal Etiquette For Purchasing Professionals
17 Renegotiation & Specifications... The Connection
16 Buyer-Driven Innovation
15 Being Careful About Selecting Online Purchasing Training Not All Online Classes Are Created Equal
14 Protect Your Compensation From 2003's Mid-Year Budget Cuts
13 11 Questions You May Encounter On Your Next Purchasing Interview... Will You Give The Right Answers?
12 Purchasing Best Practices: 80 Hours of Training Per Employee/Year
11 Don't Think That You Can Fit Training Into Your Busy Schedule?
10 Do You Know About The End-Of-The-Year Secret That Will Prevent Purchasing Professionals Like You From Improving Their Skills?
9 CEO To Purchasing Agent: "Other Companies Are Saving Billions of Dollars By Conducting Internet Reverse Auctions...Why Aren't We?"
8 Myth #1: Online Training Is Less Interactive Than Old Fashioned Training
7 3 Tips For Successfully Managing Purchasing Projects
6 The Training Comparison Matrix
5 Are You Executing A Cost Savings Strategy or Are You Just "Winging It?"
4 How do your contract skills compare with those of world-class purchasing professionals?
3 Busy Purchasing Professionals Demand That Training Be Made More Convenient: Spending On Online Purchasing Training To Triple In Next Year
2 Are you as good at using Excel as world-class purchasing professionals are?
1 How qualified is your purchasing trainer? Ask these 7 questions to find out!

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